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Munnharpas verden/The Jew’s Harp World (Endast CD)

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CD med Svein Weststad (mungiga)

– The Jew’s Harp World – Endast CD
– Svein Weststad, John Wright, Tran Quang Hai, Leo Tadagawa:

The CD presenting traditional and innovative Jew’s Harp music from different parts of the world! Jew’s Harp traditions in Europe and Asia from Norway and Ireland to Siberia, Japan and Indonesia! Together with friends – John Wright, Trân Quang Hai and Leo Tadagawa – Svein Westad, who in recent years, has emerged as one of our most outstanding Jew’s Harpists,. We encounter the Jew’s Harp primarily as a solo instrument, but there are also examples of innovative ensemble play between several Jew’s Harps and between the Jew’s Harp and instruments such as the Hardanger fiddle, the Norwegian zither, cither and indian tablas, not to mention song. Dancers were invited to gives extra vitality to the tunes.

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