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The New Real Book 3 – C Version

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Fake book




  1. (Used To Be A) Cha-Cha [Pastorius, Jaco]
  2. 34 Skidoo [Evans, Bill]
  3. A Ballad For Doll [McLean, Jackie]
  4. A Ghost Of A Chance
  5. Actual Proof [Hancock, Herbie]
  6. Ain’t That Peculiar [Gaye, Marvin]
  7. Aja’s Theme [Daniels, Eddie]
  8. Almost Like Being In Love
  9. American Gothic [Berg, Bob]
  10. And It All Goes Round [Morgan, Jaye P.]
  11. Another Star [Wonder, Stevie]
  12. Another Time [Broadbent, Alan]
  13. Appointment In Ghana [McLean, Jackie]
  14. Arietus [Hubbard, Freddie]
  15. Autumn Serenade [Coltrane, John] [Hartman, Johnny]
  16. Baby Come To Me [Austin, Patti]
  17. Backstage Sally [Blakey, Art]
  18. Ballad For Two Musicians [Gurtu, Trilok] [Zawinul, Joe]
  19. Bird Of Beauty [Wonder, Stevie]
  20. Black Nile [Shorter, Wayne]
  21. Blue Moon
  22. Blue Spirits [Hubbard, Freddie]
  23. Blue Tuesday [Williams, Jessica]
  24. Body And Soul [Coltrane, John]
  25. Brothers Of The Bottom Row [Joseph, Julian]
  26. B-Sting [Fields, Brandon] [Childs, Billy]
  27. Bud Powell [Corea, Chick]
  28. Bu’s Delight [Blakey, Art]
  29. Butterfly [Hancock, Herbie]
  30. Can’t Stop The Wind [McCandless, Paul]
  31. Caravan [Ellington, Duke]
  32. Ceora [Morgan, Lee]
  33. Chairs And Children [Burton, Gary]
  34. Chick’s Tune [Corea, Chick]
  35. Circular Motion [Markowitz, Phil]
  36. Cirrus [Hutcherson, Bobby]
  37. Close Your Eyes
  38. Cool Green [McLean, Jackie]
  39. Creepin’ [Wonder, Stevie]
  40. D Minor Mint [Hubbard, Freddie]
  41. Daddy’s Girl, Cynthia [Brown, Donald]
  42. Dancing In The Street [Martha And The Vandellas]
  43. Darius Dance [Copland, Marc]
  44. Day Dream [Ellington, Duke]
  45. Dexter [Calderazzo, Joey]
  46. Dienda [Marsalis, Branford]
  47. Divertamento [Daniels, Eddie]
  48. Dolphin Dance [Hancock, Herbie]
  49. Don’t Ask Why [Broadbent, Alan]
  50. Don’t Be That Way
  51. Don’t Blame Me
  52. Dreamin’ [Williams, Vanessa]
  53. El Guacho [Shorter, Wayne]
  54. Emily [Evans, Bill]
  55. Everything I Have Is Yours
  56. Fall With Me [Swift, Jude]
  57. For All We Know
  58. Freedomland [Yellowjackets]
  59. From Day To Day [Miller, Mulgrew]
  60. Get Ready [Temptations, The]
  61. Grand Central [Coltrane, John]
  62. Gush [Schneider, Maria]
  63. Hard Eights [Mays, Lyle]
  64. Heat Wave [Martha And The Vandellas]
  65. Herzog [Hutcherson, Bobby]
  66. Hold On, I’m Coming [Sam And Dave]
  67. How Sweet It Is [Gaye, Marvin]
  68. I Can’t Help It [Wonder, Stevie]
  69. I Fall In Love Too Easily
  70. I Got It Bad
  71. I Hear A Rhapsody
  72. I Heard It Through The Grapevine [Gaye, Marvin]
  73. I Wanted To Say [Barron, Kenny]
  74. If You Could See Me Now [Evans, Bill]
  75. I’m Getting Sentimental Over You
  76. I’m Losing You [Temptations, The]
  77. I’m Through With Love
  78. In A Mellow Tone
  79. In A Sentimental Mood [Ellington, Duke]
  80. In Case You Missed It [Watson, Bobby]
  81. In Love With Night [LaVerne, Andy]
  82. Inner Urge [Henderson, Joe]
  83. Invitation
  84. Isoar [Le, Nguyen]
  85. Isotope [Henderson, Joe]
  86. It Always Is [Harrell, Tom]
  87. Jean De Fleur [Green, Grant]
  88. John’s Waltz [Abercrombie, John]
  89. Just Friends
  90. Just Squeeze Me [Ellington, Duke]
  91. Just You, Just Me
  92. Kahlil The Prophet [McLean, Jackie]
  93. Knock On Wood [Floyd, Eddie]
  94. Last Nite [Carlton, Larry]
  95. Last Season [Schneider, Maria]
  96. Laura
  97. Let’s Stay Togther [Green, Al]
  98. Litha [Corea, Chick]
  99. Lonely Woman [Silver, Horace]
  100. Look At The Birdie [Blakey, Art]
  101. Love Letter [Gomez, Eddie]
  102. Love’s Haunts [Esen, Aydin]
  103. Lullaby In Rhythm [Goodman, Benny]
  104. Maiden Voyage [Hancock, Herbie]
  105. Mamacita [Henderson, Joe]
  106. Man Facing North [Yellowjackets]
  107. Metamorphosis [Silver, Horace]
  108. Midnight Silence [Kirkland, Kenny]
  109. Monk On The Run [Molineaux, Othello]
  110. Moon And Sand
  111. Moonglow
  112. Moonlight Serenade
  113. My Girl [Temptations, The]
  114. Never Said (Chan’s Song) [Hancock, Herbie] [Reeves, Diane]
  115. New Boots [Gambale, Frank]
  116. Next Future [Gomez, Eddie]
  117. No Way Out [Molineaux, Othello]
  118. Nowhere To Run [Martha And The Vandellas]
  119. Off Flow [Liebman, Dave]
  120. On Green Dolphin Street
  121. One Bird, One Stone [Grolnick, Don]
  122. One Finger Snap [Hancock, Herbie]
  123. Ooo Baby Baby [Robinson, Smokey]
  124. Opus De Funk [Silver, Horace]
  125. Out A Day [Amsallem, Franck]
  126. Over The Rainbow
  127. Part-Time Lover [Wonder, Stevie]
  128. Pendulum [Beirach, Richie]
  129. Prelude To A Kiss [Ellington, Duke]
  130. Promise [Berg, Bob]
  131. Punjab [Henderson, Joe]
  132. Pyramid [Silver, Horace]
  133. Quest

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