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Barkstone Melody Musical Saw Set

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Musical Saw Set – Musiksåg

with Complete Accessories

This musical saw with beech handle is made of carbon steel, which makes it very flexible and easy to play. It was specifically designed as a musical saw. Its sound range covers approximately two and a half octaves (F3 – A5). Its teeth are blunt to prevent injuries and damage to clothing. The saw ships with a push-on wooden handle, a bow, rosin and the black cardboard box.

The musical saw was introduced into variety shows in the 1920s by stars like the Weaver Brothers and Marlene Dietrich and in its heyday became a very popular instrument in a variety of styles. Its unique sound that is very close to that of the human voice, makes it suitable for melodic playing and for creating impressive effects.

Blade length: 77 cm
Length with handle: 86 cm
Sizes of the box: 91 x 24 x 4 cm

OriginUnited Kingdom
MaterialBeech, Steel
WP/RP ratio40%

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Vikt2.10 kg
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