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Easy Concert Pieces for Alto Saxophone 2 (Bok + CD)

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The Easy Concert Pieces series for alto saxophone and piano provides easy to intermediate pieces from the Renaissance to the modern era for music lessons, concert performances or private music-making. The volumes with accompanying CD add to the not very extensive repertoire of performance pieces for saxophone. They were carefully selected according to technical and musical requirements and are arranged in three volumes according to their level of difficulty.

ed.: Ulrich Junk

Volume 2 (ED 22554) contains intermediate pieces ranging from c’ to e”’, with unusual metres and demisemiquavers appearing occasionally. Including works by Wolkenstein, Peuerl, Schein, Purcell, Telemann, Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, Gounod, Humperdinck, Elgar, and others.


O. v. Wolkenstein: Gelück und Hail / Good Luck and Blessings – P. Peuerl: Suite in Eb: I. Intrada
II. Dantz
III. Paduan
IV. Galliarda – J. H. Schein: Allemande
H. Purcell: Rondeau / Rondo
G. P. Telemann: Largo
G. F. Händel: La Réjouissance
W. A. Mozart: Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja / The Bird Catcher’s Song
W. A. Mozart: Das klinget so herrlich / That sounds so wonderful
L. v. Beethoven: Thema aus / Theme from: Violin Concerto op. 61 – C. Baermann: Romance / Romanze
C. Dancla: Romance / Romanze
C. Guonod: Ave Maria
E. Humperdinck: Evening Prayer / Abendsegen
E. Elgar: Andante from / aus 6 Very Easy Pieces op. 22
E. Elgar: Trio (Land of Hope and Glory) op. 39/1
H. Schroeder: Autumn Melody / Herbstweise
F. Zehm: Bagatelle
M. Seiber: Tango 1
M. Seiber: Tango 2 (Habanera)
R. Mohrs: Arietta

Difficulty: easy to intermediate

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