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Schaum, Wesley: Rhythm & Blues 3

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Rhythm And Blues is Book 3 in the series of tried and tested Piano pedagogy from Wesley Schaum’s 1971 course. Featuring 15 short and easy but fun pieces with an emphasis on rhythm andsyncopation, this book will prove invaluable for those students who want to inject a little extra into their playing.

Each of these pieces is incredibly fun to play, incorporating elements from those mostrhythmic of genres, such as jazz, blues, ragtime and boogie-woogie. It’s ideal for young students who are looking to expand their repertoire to other musical styles as well as classical, developing their sense of rhythm andothercrucial fundamentals of Piano technique.
The Rhythm And Blues series has been successfully used for years allowing students to enter the rudiments of rhythm. Besides this, these 15compositions provide additional experience with a variety of key signatures, time signatures, phrase groups and differing fingerings. This book has been designed for teenagers and those younger who are getting started with playingPiano and want to jazz up their playing. With tempo markings, chord symbols and game instructions in German and English, Book 3 also comes with drawings and a foam-chorddictionary.


  • 1. All Right
  • 2. Feelin’ Moody
  • 3. Go Now!
  • 4. Groovy Group
  • 5. Little Swinger
  • 6. Mod Mood
  • 7. Pure Blue
  • 8. Rainy Monday Blues
  • 9. Solid Sound
  • 10. Square Bear
  • 11. Strobe Globe
  • 12. Supercharger
  • 13. Sure Fire
  • 14. Westbound Blues
  • 15. Whacky Dimension

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