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Solvestrov, Valentin: Klavierwerke Band 3/Piano Works Vol. III (1996-2003)

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This volume contains piano works from the years 1996-2003 in which Silvestrov’s new compositional language becomes clearly apparent: Although the music shows, both visually and acoustically, Classical and Romantic components, Silvestrov’s earlier experience of avant-garde techniques of composition is recognizable. He requires from the pianist an extremely sophisticated way of playing and a virtuoso treatment of the pedal.


Der Bote (1996)
Mündliche Musik (1998-99)
Zwei Stücke (Nocturne, Intermezzo) (1956/57, rev. 2000)
Drei Stücke (Bagatellen, Hymne 2001, Melodie) (2001)
Zwei Epitaphe (Barkarole, Wiegenlied) (2001)
Zwei Stücke (Benedictus, Sanctus) (2001)
Nostalghia (2001)
Zwei Dialoge mit Nachwort (Hochzeitswalzer, Postludium, Morgenserenade) (2001-02)
Drei Walzer (Walzer des Augenblicks, Flüchtiger Walzer, Mondwalzer) (2003)
Augenblicke, Zyklus von 3 Stücken (2003)
Drei Stücke (Mozart-Augenblicke I, II; Herbst-Augenblicke) (2003)
Zwei Stücke (Chopin-Augenblicke, Frühlingsaugenblicke) (2003)

Difficulty: intermediate – difficult

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