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Simeon ten Holt: Canto ostinato for keyboard instruments 1(2/3/4)

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Liggande format, ringpärm Spelpartitur, 4 pianon

Hardcopy, normal size (B4), 66 pages

Canto Ostinato can be played by various combinations of one or more types of keyboard instruments. Here, four pianos are used. The work originates from a traditional source, it is tonal and uses functional harmonies. Although all the subdivisions have a fixed place in the course of the work and are not interchangeable, the beginning and ending do not have an absolute form-bordering significance. Cause and result, tension and relaxation – inseparable pairs of functions are used as independent entities, and as they proceed they are brought to a standstill through the repetitions. Chords or chord groups, comprised in bars or sections, disengage themselves from the melodic ties and start to lead a life of their own. Time plays an important role. The bars or sections have been given repetition signs; the number of times they are repeated is to be decided by the performers. The repetition procedure aims at creating a situation in which the musical object confirms its independence and can search for the most favourable position with respect to the light. Time becomes the space in which the musical object is going to float. – SIMEON TEN HOLT

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