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Easy Piano Classics (Bok + CD)

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30 Famous Piano Pieces from Bach to Grachaninoff

Exquisite, easy piano pieces, compiled for music lessons and first auditions by the piano teacher Marianne Magolt. The volume contains easy Baroque, Classical and Romantic piano pieces and is perfectly suited for the ‘first concert’ of young pianists. The accompanying CD should encourage personal interpretation.


Christian Petzold: Minuet G major BWV Anh. 114
Minuet G minor BWV Anh. 115
Jean-Philippe Rameau: Minuet D major
Johann Sebastian Bach: Minuet D minor BWV Anh. 132
March D major BWV Anh. 122
Minuet G major BWV Anh. 116
Prelude F major BWV 927
Georg Friedrich Händel: Sarabande D minor
Gavotte G major
Leopold Mozart: Minuet F major
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Minuet KV 1 G major
Minuet KV2 F major
Allegro KV 3 B flat major
Rondeau KV 15d D major
Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonatine No. 1 G major, 1. Moderato
2nd Movement: Romance
Henri Bertini: Prelude
Frédéric Burgmüller: Arabesque
Robert Schumann: Humming Song, op. 68/3
Wild Horseman, op. 68/8
Little Study, op. 68/14
Soldier’s March, op. 68/2
The merry Peasant, op. 68/10
César Franck: A Doll’s Lament
Peter Iljitsch Tschaikowsky: Ancient French Song, op. 39/16
The sick Doll, op. 39/6
Alexander Gretchaninoff: Njanja is ill
The little show-off

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