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Chopin, Frederick: Concerto In E Minor Op. 11 (partitur för piano och orkester, urtext)

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ed. Jan Ekier

Historical version

Characterised by an extensive, in terms of Chopin’s concert pieces, orchestral part. The melody here is less ornamented, and more fluid, the sketch of the cantilena very noble and clear, the highly virtuosic element is exposed, but not to the extent of overwhelming the logic of the design.

Critical source-edition edited by Jan Ekier and Paweł Kamiński based on manuscripts, copies approved by Chopin himself, and first editions. Its purpose is to present the works of Chopin in authentic form.
The present score is composed of parts from the first edition. The concert version of the score, recreated by taking into consideration also other sources which present Chopin`s intention, constitutes volume 33 B VIIIa. The Concerto in an authentic arrangement for one piano makes up volume 13 A XIIIa. The version with the second piano, containing the reduction of the orchestra part, forms volume 30 B VIa. The historical scores are purer with regard to editorial interference, yet contaminated by the involvement in the sources of foreign hands. The historical scores show that which, for various reasons, Chopin agreed to have published.

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