Der junge Mozart / The Young Mozart – Easy original pieces for piano

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The pieces in the present volume are taken for the most part from Mozart’s so-called ’London Sketch Book’, written on his English tour in the year 1764, at the age of eight. There are also several earlier pieces which the young Mozart wrote in Salzburg in 1762. The original text has been retained; obvious errors in notation have been corrected.


Menuett (KV 2)
Allegro (KV 3)
Allegro (KV 1c)
Menuett (KV 6)
Menuett (KV 15pp)
Kontretanz (KV 15h)
Menuett (KV 15c)
Ait (KV 15ff)
Kontretanz (KV 15e)
Menuett (KV 15oo)
Allegretto (KV 15a)
Menuett (KV 1e)
Rondo (KV 15d)
Menuett (KV 5)
Andante (KV 15ü)
Andante (KV 15mm)
Air (KV 15qq)
Presto (KV 15ll)
Allegretto (KV 15b) Siciliano (KV 15u)
Rondo (KV 15hh)
Menuett (KV 4)

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