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Hegel, Martin (ed.): Schumann for Guitar

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30 Transcriptions

The edition Schumann for Guitar is an interesting attempt to transfer Robert Schumann’s romantic, lyrical music to the guitar. As a consequence, new tonal possibilities present themselves for the guitar repertoire, particularly in view of the fact that Schumann himself never composed an original piece for guitar.

This volume naturally contains pieces from the famous piano cycles Album für die Jugend, Kinderszenen and Albumblätter, but also some lieder like Mondnacht or Im wunderschönen Monat Mai. Special highlights of the volume are the original Schumann transcriptions by Francisco Tárrega (1852-1909) which prove that guitarists studied Schumann’s music as early as the 19th century.

Schumann for Guitar is ideal for concerts and music lessons, but also for private music-making. The pieces are of easy to intermediate technical difficulty so that even amateur guitar players will enjoy the pieces!


8 Pieces from ”Album for the Young” op. 68: Melody (No. 1)
Soldier’s March (No. 2)
Humming Song (No. 3)
A Little Piece (No. 5)
Poor Orphan (No. 6)
A Little Study (No. 14)
First Loss (No. 16)
Mignon (No. 35)
4 Pieces from ”Album Leaves” op. 124: Waltz (No. 4)
Fantasy Dance (No. 5)
Little Cradle Song (No. 6)
Larghetto (No. 13)
7 Pieces from ”Scenes from Childhood” op. 15: From Foreign Lands and Peoples (No. 1)
A Strange Story (No. 2)
Pleading Child (No. 4)
Knight of the Hobby Horse (No. 9)
Frightening (No. 11)
Child Falling Asleep (No. 12)
The Poet Speaks (No. 13)
7 Schumann Transcriptionen by Francisco Tárrega (1852 – 1909): Andantino Cantabile (No. 4 from op. 99)
Preludio (No. 5 from op. 99)
Romanza (No. 1, Trio from op. 21)
Rêverie (”Reverie” from op. 15)
Feuilles variées (No. 5 from op. 99)
Berceuse (”Slumber Song”, No. 16 from op. 124)
Saint – Nicolas (”Knight Rupert” from op. 68)
4 Song Arrangements for Two Guitars: Mondnacht (No. 5 from op. 39)
Im wunderschönen Monat Mai (No. 1 from op. 48)
Die Lotosblume (No. 7 from op. 25)
Er, der Herrlichste von Allen (No. 2 from op. 42)
Difficulty:easy to intermediate


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