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Clarke Original C Tin Whistle (C-Dur) Flöjt/Irish Whistle

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Metall, med träblock, C-Dur

 The Original Clarke Tinwhistle is available in the keys of C and D (D is the most popular key for traditional Irish music). This whistle is made of tin-plate, and has a wooden fipple (mouthpiece), giving it a warm, flute-like tone. Also included is a song sheet with fingering chart.

The Clarke Story
In 1843 a farm labourer called Robert Clarke decided to try his hand at something else in order to supplement his meagre wages. With the help of the local blacksmith he made a set of tools to make a Tinwhistle. before long he moved to Manchesterwhere he built a mall factory and eventually became the largest manufacturer of Tinwhistles in England. The Clarke Tinwhistles being made today are still followint the traditional methods thereby ensuring the quality of the unique Clarke tone.

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