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Mungiga / Munharpa / Jaw Harp Vargan Glazyrin Skiff

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Mungiga / Munharpa / Vargan Glazyrin Skiff

Jaw Harp with Gorgeous Ornaments

With the Vargan Skiff, master craftsman Glazyrin provides the jaw harp community with a new, innovative model, which differs fundamentally from previous jaw harps in its construction. Glazyrin normally inserts the reed into the separate frame and screws it twice. But here the master made the upper part of the frame and the reed from a thin single piece of spring steel. He then attached this reed plate on the sturdy classical frame. As a result, the reed cannot slip and is extremely stable. In fact, Glazyrin has worked with such technical precision that the gap between the frame and the reed is minimal.

In this way the Vargan Skiff creates a brilliant and differentiated sound, which is really convincing. Its sound is clean, balanced, colourful and rich in overtones. In addition to the above-average sound, the inspiring, simple design is also remarkable. Mythical animals and plants were lasered onto the reed plate, while the other side is decorated with a filigree hummingbird. Beautiful!

The Vargan Skiff is probably the best jaw harp in its price range. Absolutely recommended!

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