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Dan Moi Mungiga – Kou Xian – Set of Two

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Kou Xian – Set of Two

Kou Xian Jaw Harps in various scales, with wooden cases

These Kou Xian (Kou Xiang, Ho Ho) Jew’s Harps are handmade in in Vietnam and cleanly tuned to several intervalls/scales by DAN MOI in Germany.

Unlike the traditional Ho Ho Jaw Harps of the Yi people in Yunnan (China) these Kou Xian Jewsharp sets are precisely tuned and so suit playing with other tuned instruments.

If you prefer to arrange your own scale or set, have a look at our Kou Xian Single Reeds.

Jew’s Harp TypeLips Jew’s Harp
Length approx.5,0 cm (2.0″)
WP/RP ratio50%

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