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Easy Concert Pieces for Descant (Soprano) Recorder and Piano (Bok + CD)

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ed.: Elisabeth Kretschmann

The Easy Concert Pieces series has the right pieces ready for the first concerts. Easy to intermediate original compositions and arrangements for descant recorder and piano provide a cross section of the different epochs, from the Renaissance to the modern era. The enclosed CDs contain all pieces as full versions and as piano accompaniment for playing along. Vol. 1 contains short, easy-to-grasp pieces ranging from c’ to e” including the semitones f sharp’ and b flat’. The rhythm is simple. Some pieces have only a small ambitus so that this volume can be used as accompanying booklet after even a short period of recorder lessons.


P. Attaignant: Gaillarde
T. Susato: Rondo
P. Phalèse: Burate Galliarde
M. Praetorius: Bourrée 1
M. Praetorius: Bourrée 2
M. Uccellini: La Bergamasca
J. Playford: Argeers
J. Playford: Gathering Peascods
J. Fischer: Minuet
M.-R. Delalande: Air
M.-R. Delalande: Contredance
A. Vivaldi: Spring (Allegro)
G. F. Händel: Bourrée
J. Aubert: Minuet 1
J. Aubert: Minuet 2
J. A. Hasse: Bourrée
L. Mozart: Bourlesque
W. A. Mozart: A Little Night Music (Theme)
L. van Beethoven: Ode to Joy
G. Verdi: La donna è mobile
J. Offenbach: Cancan
J. Brahms: Guten Abend, gut’ Nacht
H. Poser: Moderato
C. Orff: Allegro
L. Searle: Town in the Sunshine
R. Mohrs
Chilling at Noon
R. Mohrs: Great Balloon Trip
M. Schönmehl: Walking by the Sea
A. Werner: The Errant Knight on the Wrong Track

Difficulty: very easy – easy

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