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Baroque Recorder Anthology 2, 32 Works for Soprano Recorder with Piano/Guitar Accompaniment (Bok + CD)

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Grades 3-4

This anthology contains pieces by seventeenth- and eighteenth-century composers in a variety of different styles. The repertoire includes works by major composers such as Telemann, Purcell and Corelli as well as lesser-known composers including, amongst others, Babell, Delalande, van Eyck, Fischer, Locke and Luidhens. This collection is ideal for recorder teachers looking for additional repertoire for their teaching practice as well as developing players looking to expand their repertoire and for use in school or music centre concerts.


Telemann: Minuet
Telemann: Rigaudon
Delalande: Passepied
Bingham: Trumpet Air
Fischer: Angloise I
Fischer: Angloise II
Playford: Red House
Purcell: Rondo
Corelli: Sarabanda
Corelli: Gavotta
Delalande: Rondeau
Delalande: Gavotte
Babell: Boree
Luidhens: Corente
Telemann: Affetuoso
Telemann: Presto
Carr: Divisions upon an Italian Ground
Aubert: Le Moulinet I
Aubert: Le Moulinet II
Caix: Muzette
Telemann: A Tempo Giusto
Telemann: Tempo di Minuetto
Telemann: Allegro
Van Eyck: den Nachtegael
Fischer: Gigue
Fischer: Bouree
Fischer: Menuet en Rondeau
Fischer: Gigue
Blow: Gavotte
Locke: Sarabande
Locke: Jigg
Jenkins: The Lady Katherine Audley’s Bells
Van Eyck: Postillon

Difficulty: easy to intermediate

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