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Vivaldi Album – Soprano

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The “Vivaldi Album” is a series of operatic aria anthologies subdivided by vocal register, drawn from Antonio Vivaldi’s surviving musical works for the theatre. Its sources include twenty-four musical dramas, three serenades and numerous individual arias. Each volume is made up of twelve pieces which vary in terms of affect and character, illustrating a wide range of styles and dramatic situations. They are arranged in chronological order, so as to provide an optimal cross-section of Vivaldi’s entire career.


  • 1. Misero spirto mio [Antonio Vivaldi]
  • 2. Ah, fuggi rapido [Antonio Vivaldi]
  • 3. Se correndo in seno al mare [Antonio Vivaldi]
  • 4. Fra catene ogn’or penando [Antonio Vivaldi]
  • 5. Amato ben, tu sei la mia speranza [Antonio Vivaldi]
  • 6. Quel augellin che canta [Antonio Vivaldi]
  • 7. Senti l’aura che leggiera [Antonio Vivaldi]
  • 8. Un guardo, oh Dio [Antonio Vivaldi]
  • 9. Sperai vicino il lido [Antonio Vivaldi]
  • 10. Siam navi all’onde algenti [Antonio Vivaldi]
  • 11. Ombre vane, ingiusti orrori [Antonio Vivaldi]
  • 12. Se mai senti spirarti sul volto [Antonio Vivaldi]

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