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Chopin: Frederick: 20 Selected Mazurkas

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The mazurka was Chopin’s companion throughout his entire artistic life: He wrote the Mazurka in A minor Op. 68 at the age of seventeen, and even his very last composition was dedicated to this Polish dance form. ‘Chopin unleashed the unknown poetry which was only suggested in the original themes of the true national mazurkas. Maintaining their rhythm, he refined the melody, expanded the proportions and introduced a harmonic contrast that was as new as the objects to which he adjusted it…’ (F. Liszt). Of the total of 58 mazurkas by Chopin, this edition provides a selection of the better known and easier pieces for lessons and music lovers.

Mazurka F sharp minor, Op. 6/1
Mazurka B flat major, Op. 7/1
Mazurka A minor, Op. 7/2
Mazurka E minor, Op. 17/2
Mazurka A minor , Op. 17/4
Mazurka G minor , Op. 24/1
Mazurka C minor 30/1
Mazurka G minor, Op. 30/2
Mazurka B minor, Op. 33/4
Mazurka C major, Op. 56/2
Mazurka F minor , Op. 63/2
Mazurka C sharp minor, Op. 63/3
Mazurka G major, Op. 67/1
Mazurka G minor, Op. 67/2
Mazurka C major, Op. 67/3
Mazurka A minor, Op. 67/4
Mazurka C major, Op. 68/1
Mazurka A minor, Op. 68/2
Mazurka F major, Op. 68/3
Mazurka F minor, Op. 68/4


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