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Bartók, Béla: For Children Volumes 1 and 2 (complete)

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New definiteve edition by Peter Bartók

Pour les enfants · Gyermekeknek · Para Niños Vol.
1: Based on Hungarian Folk Tunes – Vol.
2: Based on Slovakian Folk Tunes (piano solo)

Volumes 1 and 2 (complete)
easy to intermediate

Béla Bartók’s series of piano pieces For Children, based on folk melodies, was written around the end of the first decade of the 20th century. The pieces were published shortly afterwards by the Hungarian publisher Károly Rozsnyai. That first publication was in four volumes, the first two containing a total of 42 pieces based on Hungarian folk tunes, the third and fourth containing 43 pieces based on Slovakian folk tunes.
In 1943, whilst in the United States, Bartók prepared a revised version of the collection for the publishers Boosey & Hawkes. The revisions were minimal: two Hungarian and four Slovakian songs were eliminated, there were a few minor alterations incorporating new ideas, some of the pieces previously written with accidentals had key signatures added, a few pieces were rewritten with changed meters; some fingerings were added or changed.
The composer prepared the revised 1943 edition by using copies of the first edition on which he marked minor changes; where the changes were more extensive, fresh manuscript was written and a new version engraved. However, much of the engraving of the first edition was preserved in the 1943 edition. Publication took place in 1946, after the composer’s death; it is not known if he saw final proofs prior to printing.
The revised edition was published in two volumes, which now have been published together as one volume for the first time.


or Children, Volume 1
1. Children at Play
2. Children’s Song
3. Quasi adagio
4. Pillow Dance
5. Play
6. Study for the Left Hand
7. Play Song
8. Children’s Game
9. Song
10. Children’s Dance
11. Lento
12. Allegro
13. Ballad
14. Allegretto
15. Allegro moderato
16. Old Hungarian Tune
17. Round Dance
18. Soldier’s Song
19. Allegretto
20. Drinking Song
21. Allegro robusto
22. Allegretto
23. Dance Song
24. Andante sostenuto
25. Parlando
26. Moderato
27. Jest
28. Choral
29. Pentatonic Tune
30. Jeering Song
31. Andante tranquillo
32. Andante
33. Allegro non troppo
34. Allegretto
35. Con moto
36. Drunkard’s Song
37. Swine-herd’s Song
38. Winter Solstice Song
39. Allegro moderato
40. Swine-herd’s Dance

For Children, Volume 2
1. Allegro
2. Andante
3. Allegretto
4. Wedding Song
5. Variations
6. Round Dance I
7. Sorrow
8. Dance
9. Round Dance II
10. Funeral Song
11. Lento
12. Andante rubato
13. Allegro
14. Moderato
15. Bagpipe I
16. Lament
17. Andante
18. Teasing Song
19. Romance
20. Game of Tag
21. Pleasantry
22. Revelry
23. Andante tranquillo
24. Andante
25. Scherzando
26. Peasant’s Flute
27. Pleasantry II
28. Andante, molto rubato
29. Canon
30. Bagpipe II
31. The Highway Robber
32. Pesante
33. Andante tranquillo
34. Farewell
35. Ballad
36-37. Rhapsody
38. Dirge
39. Mourning Song

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