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The Jungle Book of the Baroque – Ensemble Villancico

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Early World Music in Latin America



Context by Peter Pontvik

Ensemble Villancico


Hanaq pachap kusikuynin (Bliss of Heaven)

Una tonadilla nueva (A new little song)

Victoria, victoria (Victory, victory!)

Si el amor se quedare dormido (If Love were to fall asleep)

Cachua al Nacimiento de Christo Nuestro Senor (Nativity cachua)

Maria, todo es Maria (Mary, yo are everything)

Ymaunalla canqui tayta (How are you, Father?)

Vamos a Bwelén (Let us all make for Bethlehem)

Oy nuestra reyna del cielo (Our Queen of eaven)

Tristis estanima mea (My soul is grieved)

Zarembeques (Folk dance)

Turulu neglo (Come, all neglo)

Oy es día de placer (Today is a day of delight)

La chacona me piden, vaya! (They are asking for the chaconne!)

Serenissima una nocke (A most serene night)

Convidando está la noche (The night inites us)

Hy hy hy, que de riza morremo (Ha, ha, ha, we are dying with laughter)

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