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Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Streichquartett/String Quartet KV 525 (stämmor, urtext)

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Mozart’s most popular instrumental work, “ Eine kleine Nachtmusik ” K. 525, was previously only available with the Urtext of the New Mozart Edition as a conducting score with string parts.

This perhaps gives the false impression that this work could only be performed by a chamber orchestra. In the New Mozart Edition, this composition is found under the group of works “Orchestral Serenades”. However, the editors in the preface to this volume specifically note that these works cannot be seen only as orchestral works to be performed with large ensembles. A small chamber orchestra or even a string quartet can achieve Mozart’s intention.

This edition with parts, with the reliable Urtext of the New Mozart Edition, gives quartets or quintets access to this wonderful work.

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