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Kromatisk Munspel Easttop Chromatic Harmonica – EAP-12 – 12 hole – Key C

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Kromatiskt munspel

Easttop Chromatic Harmonica – EAP-12 – 12 hole – Key C

This chromatic Easttop EAP-12 harmonica is the latest model from Easttop.
Easttop EAP-12 has already received many great reviews from well-known musicians.Easttop is a harmonica manufacturer that makes very high quality instruments at a very low price, and that’s what we all like.The Easttop EAP-12 is a 12 hole chromatic model, with a very powerful and beautiful sound, this is mainly due to the materials used, precision in the assembly of the instrument, which is reflected in the great air tightness of the harmonica.As soon as you get this Easttop EAP12 harmonica in your hand you immediately feel the quality.By using the blow and suction technique, you get 48 different tones in this model.
Brand:  Easttop
Cover material :  Stainless steel
Holes : 12
Modelnumber :  EAP-12
Reeds :  Phosphor Bronze
Comp: Rasin
Type :  Chromatic
Tone :  C – 48 notes
Dimension : 158 * 45 * 33mm
weight :  265 g
Available keys:  C, A, G, Bb,

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C, Db, D, Eb, E, F-Low, F, F#, G, G-High, Ab, A, Bb, B, D Low, E Low, C Low

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